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1985: Deadly Northern Lights DEFCON 3

Orders of Battle and Rules additions are getting ready, and Maps production print is going to start. According to internal sources, Joint Chiefs of Staff raised DEFCON Level to 3 today at 1110 CET.

Read a complete briefing at this link.

11 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights DEFCON 3

  1. Definite purchase for me as former member of 45 Commando Group. Keep me posted.



    1. Ah the first AMF wave!! It’s a honour to reserve a copy for you.
      Our co-designer Anthony Morphet will be glad to know there’s another veteran in the group!

      1. When will we know it’s time to pay for our copy of 1985: Deadly Northern Lights?

        1. Philippe,
          reserved copy owners will receive an email with subject EUCOM EXORD 156-85 – EMERGENCY PRIORITY, containing the operational orders and procedures.
          The message will precede the official DEFCON 1 declaration by 48 hours, giving a decisive advantage over the enemy for acquiring the combat equipment.

  2. when might there be some more information about order of battle and the like? Very excited to hear more!

    1. Michael,
      order of battle will be never released publicly…Right now, I can say that the following forces are covered in detail:
      – Swedish Armed Forces
      – Norwegian Armed Forces
      – Danish Armed Forces
      – UK mobile forces and landing / support task forces
      – USMC MABs and landing / support forces
      – Canadian 5th Brigade Group
      – Dutch forces in UKMF
      – West German fleet and naval air
      – US CVBGs forces
      – Soviet Leningrad and Baltic Military Districts (and more…)
      – Soviet Northern and Baltic Fleets
      – Polish fleet and mixed support forces
      – East German fleet and mixed support forces
      – I’m sure I’m forgetting something 🙂

      Moreover, Designer’s Notes will be published in chapters before DEFCON 1!

  3. +1 copy for me
    Please keep me posted.

  4. I would also like to reserve a copy if possible. Gotta represent my home area! (Nordics ftw!)

  5. So what battalions/nationalities will make up the ACE Mobile Force in this one? Is AMF destined for Norway in this version of events? I know Turkey and NE Italy were often talked about as options back in the day.

    1. Hi Mike!
      AMF has triggered more than a discussion in the development group 🙂

      The ACE Mobile Force in 1985 was composed by:
      UK 1 Para
      IT Susa Alpino Battalion Group
      CA Royal Canadian Regiment
      Mixed nations artillery
      UK C Squadron 16/5 Lancers
      WG Para Bn

      This a great multinational brigade for an intervention in an emergency area…..if you don’t have World War Three going on at the same time.
      Let’s dig into details:
      – During CAST exercise Brave Lion in 1986, Canadian Troops took 20 days to show up in Norway. Also, they arrived with no supplies or supply infrastructure.
      – In my opinion, there’s no chance that Italy, with a 30% parliament held by Communist Party, would have sent troops anywhere unless WP was invading Italy itself. Even in that case, troops would remain in Italy to defend the homeland. Also, my artillery regiment had supply problems moving to Sardinia, let’s imagine Norway.
      – With 8 WP armies invading West Germany, I doubt the WG paratroop battalion is going anywhere.

      This leaves a UK Para Battalion, and a company with 8 Scimitars and 8 Scorpions 🙂

  6. I’d like a copy please.

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