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1985: Under An Iron Sky Retro Rulebook!

Thanks to Grognard Emeritus Umberto Colapicchioni, we now have a 1985: Under An Iron Sky rulebook using the old, beloved SPI format!

Perfect for a trip back in time 🙂

7 thoughts on “1985: Under An Iron Sky Retro Rulebook!

  1. A wonderful piece of work, thank you.

  2. Great piece of work! Thanks

  3. Just wanted to say that this is excellent graphical design. I use this version exclusively now. What can we do to please get this rules format also for Deadly Northern Lights, please?

    1. Martin, Deadly Northern Lights booklet is not exactly “SPI-Retro” but, differently from 1985:UAIS, it’s organized in two columns.
      Anyway, let’s hope Umberto will have the time for creating a Retro version of 1985:DNL rulebook too!

  4. Wow! Thank you, Umberto!

  5. Do we know what version of the UaIS rules this is? Looks great.

  6. They are probably based on original version 17 or 18.

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