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1985: Under an Iron Sky Scenarios Booklet

After a long internal discussion, SACEUR finally authorized the public release of the Scenarios Booklet for
1985: Under an Iron Sky! Hopefully, this will help to understand one of the most dramatic events in the history of humanity: The Third World War in Central Europe.

7 thoughts on “1985: Under an Iron Sky Scenarios Booklet

  1. That it a most welcome decision, Fabrizio. Thanks!

  2. Are there any changes from the original Scenarios Booklet?

    1. Only minor changes, nothing worth mentioning.

  3. Thanks a lot. This is great support.

  4. Will there be another reprint of Under An Iron sky? Growing up a military brat in the 70s and early 80s you where allways a little more tuned in to what was going on world wide.

    1. Hi Scott,
      short of a popular revolt, there’s no 1985:UAIS reprint scheduled…To tell the truth, pressure is mounting and unrest is spreading 🙂

      1. I’ll bring my pitchfork.

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