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1985: Deadly Northern Lights European Reinforcements


With Nordic Front now stabilized, AFNORTH reports that 10 additional “1985: Deadly Northern Lights” copies are available in European depots. Request any needed supply before it’s too late!

EDIT: Front collapsed, no survivors.

Immediate Vertical Assault to the Product Page

12 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights European Reinforcements

  1. Would like a copy. Please notify immediately.

    Will purchase anyway you want.

    Please respond

    Irwin Sacks

  2. Please reserve/ request copy. Will purchase at any price.

    Please Advise

    Irwin Sacks

  3. Position untenable.

    Last response from this location.

    I repeat……

    This is India Sierra…..

    1. India Sierra – European reinforcements wiped out by intense barrage fire in a few hour. Disengage.

  4. Pi would like to get a copy of deadly northern lights. Have all your games but missed this one. Located in Canada please respond situation critical.

    1. Jacob,
      in a few days we should be able to send to the front the last remaining copies in US, now kept as strategic reserve for any unforeseen problem….
      As the demand is already more than the offer, they’ll be assigned with the usual, barbaric fastest gun method.

      I think the best way is to subscribe TRLGames web site in order to get an email as soon as a new post is published 🙂

  5. My copy of DNL just arrived, and now I am literally watching a snowstorm out my window. Coincidence? I think not…

    Next I expect to hear multiple transports flying low overhead. Then again, I live down the road from a C-130 base 🙂

  6. Looks good! There should be a bridge across Roskile Fjord though. My local heritage demands it!

  7. Signing up to get new posts by email. Hope to get a copy of this game.

  8. Oh yea, I definitely want this game. I’m looking forward to the naval/air game. Haven’t seen a game even close to this since 2nd Fleet.

  9. Surveillance radar up and running….

  10. Communications intercept scanning in place…

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