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1985:DNL Living Rules!

The first version of 1985: Deadly Northern Lights Living Rules is out!

Some interesting additions are Naval Bombardment and a more tricky GIUK External Front, plus other minor fixes – Check out the List of Changes for a complete overview. There’s also a small errata regarding two errors on the map and an omission in the scenario booklet….sorry for that 🙁

You may find the files on the 1985: Deadly Northern Lights page, or download them directly here:

Image courtesy of BigBoardGaming
Image courtesy of Big Board Gaming

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  1. I saw that there may be some copies (8) coming to the Americans. How do I reserve a copy? I work, so I am not able to monitor this website all the time but I really want to play this game! Thanks, looking forward to this and the next game on the Persian Gulf.


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