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1985:DNL Living Rules!

The first version of 1985: Deadly Northern Lights Living Rules is out!

Some interesting additions are Naval Bombardment and a more tricky GIUK External Front, plus other minor fixes – Check out the List of Changes for a complete overview. There’s also a small errata regarding two errors on the map and an omission in the scenario booklet….sorry for that 🙁

You may find the files on the 1985: Deadly Northern Lights page, or download them directly here:

Image courtesy of BigBoardGaming
Image courtesy of Big Board Gaming

2 thoughts on “1985:DNL Living Rules!

  1. I saw that there may be some copies (8) coming to the Americans. How do I reserve a copy? I work, so I am not able to monitor this website all the time but I really want to play this game! Thanks, looking forward to this and the next game on the Persian Gulf.


  2. Ma qualcuno che le traducesse in italiano no? visto che siamo diversi appassionati dell’italico stivale……

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