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1985:UAIS Third Echelon Entering East Germany

1985: Under an Iron Sky – Third Echelon will begin production printing in a few days! As we’re going to mobilize several extra divisions to be used as strategic reserve for conventions and so on, it will be possible to order a copy for a few more days.

Last chance to Report For Duty, before KGB reports you!

2 thoughts on “1985:UAIS Third Echelon Entering East Germany

  1. Love this game., especially the maps. I was trained as an armoured officer to play a role on the North German Plain at the start of the 1980’s, later went on to play ‘enemy commander’ for larger mechanised operations on what was back then ‘the Red Team’. I also own and continue to play – even in 2020 – ‘The Next War’. Fabrizio, I really appreciate all the effort that went into making 1985 and the other titles (I own 1985; looking forward to acquiring the rest, when they are available).

    1. Thank you Peter! A professional’s positive opinion is always a good way to start the day 🙂

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