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1985: Deadly Northern Lights Planning Maps

No matter if you are in Leningrad Military District or AFNORTH Headquarters, a map is what it takes to successfully organize an amphibious invasion of Narvik or an airlift to defend Tromsø.

Planning Maps are A4 format with national borders, ports and air bases highlighted. Get them, or risk disaster.

1985DNL Planning Map North

1985DNL Planning Map Central

1985DNL Planning Map South

3 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights Planning Maps

  1. Folks, when are you going to re-stock these games? I am ready to purchase them!

    1. Hi Bill,
      we’ll probably have a reprint of 1985:Deadly Northern Lights and Less Than 60 Miles sometime in 2021 🙂

      1. Thank you.

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