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The Dogs of War – DEFCON 2

Today at 0914ZT the DEFCON status for The Dogs of War has been raised to 2.
Time to organize your defensive positions, stockpile ammo and ensure you are in the Order of Battle by writing to

Here’s the latest media coverage on the current events – ensure your audio communication equipment is ACTIVE.

Here’s a coverage of some of the components you will find in the battle equipment.

8 thoughts on “The Dogs of War – DEFCON 2

  1. Outstanding components. The examples in the Op. Procedures manual look particularly helpful. The video rocks. This series combines what SPI’s NATO Division Commander SHOULD have been and what SPI’s Central Front Series reached towards.

    I’m playing your other series, 1985: Under an Iron Sky via VASSAL/Skype and am amazed how well it reflects combined arms and the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Well done.

  2. Please make sure you have me signed up for a copy of this.

    1. Yes you are in the OOB! Copy nr. 95, one the first!

  3. Looking forward to this – and already looking forward to a reprint (hopefully) of ‘Less than 60 Miles’.

  4. How exactly do I sign in for a copy?

    1. Jean Patric,
      send an email to 🙂

  5. Any news on defcon 1?

    1. Michael, enjoy this weekend, relax and drink some beer. 😉

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