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It Started in the Shipyards

Kev Sharp from Big Board Gaming is now caught in the “It Started in the Shipyards” campaign from 1985: Under an Iron Sky!

Soviet Union faces a Warsaw Pact in full revolt, and events force NATO to extend Article 5 from “defense of member countries” to “defense of member peoples”….thus including Germans on the East side of the Inner German Border.

2 thoughts on “It Started in the Shipyards

  1. will sold out games ever be reprinted? Also I own a game and book store and can your products be purchased for resale? Thank you

    1. Hi John,
      yes we have some reprints planned (1985: Deadly Northern Lights and Less Than 60 Miles), no exact idea about the timing right now 🙂
      We have a very limited number of retailers, receiving only a few copies. Our small print runs usually evaporate in a matter of days using direct sales only….sorry!

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