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1985: Sacred Oil Cards Sample

Some samples of the Event Cards for Sacred Oil, third and last module of the 1985 series!

Event Cards are used for diplomatic activities, covert operations, but first and foremost for force mobilization. As the Campaign has no predetermined Order of Battle, both sides will use Events to commit forces and try shaping the war theatre to their advantage. Most Events will raise Tension, allowing a broader choice of possible actions. In the end, the Soviet offensive in Southwest Asia will begin, and World War Three with it.

Approximately 80 cards will be included, ranging from mobilization of Turkestan Military District to Operation Cyclone.
Remember: to reserve a copy, report for duty by writing to!

19 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil Cards Sample

  1. Fabrizio,

    Are the event cards going to be unique to sacred oil, or will there be future considerations for DNL and UAIS cards?

    1. They make sense only in 1985: Sacred Oil or in the full combined campaign. No use for them in 1985DNL or 1985UAIS.

  2. Do the use of cards make this not solo friendly for playing both sides ?

  3. Looking good! Are the counters finalized? The EA-6’s were in “VAQ” squadrons and the F-18’s in “VFA” squadrons.

    1. Woops! Meant to post that in the map and counter sample article.

      1. I’ve answered there 🙂
        In short, counter space problems.

  4. Do the cards make this impossible to play by one player playing both sides in solo mode or can it still be done ?

    1. There’s no secret deck or hand of cards, they are simply a visually nice method to explain and handle the operational options available to both sides. A list in the rulebook would have worked, but cards are soooo more beautiful 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info and quick answer thats good news for me as a solo gamer
        what do the numbers mean at the top of the cards ( red 0 green6 orange 1) etc ?

        1. Red: Tension Level required to use the card
          Orange: Tension Points added or expended when using the card
          Green: Victory Points cost (actually more tricky, but you’ll have to wait for this!)

          1. ok many thanks again for the answer
            i’am eagerly awaiting this game hopefully in october in time for my birthday

            and then in 2024 the super deluxe three module 1985 in a woden box/tin all with mounted maps
            yours for only £750

          2. 😀

  5. How does Sacred Oil combined with UaIS and DNL? It seems weird given that there is no geographical connection, and forces can’t be sent from one front to the other. (Mediterannean/Balkan game pls!)

    1. Even with a balkan module, you’re not going to move the marines from San Diego to Rotterdam 😉

      1985:Sacred Oil will include an expanded LOC (Lines Of Communication) map, practically covering the whole globe, and naval/air combat will be possible on the LOC map. This will allow real global strategies, like sending a CVBG and a Marine Amphibious Brigade originally earmarked for Norway in the Persian Gulf…..if you have the shipping and/or the airlift for moving it. The same applies to the Warsaw Pact / Soviet side, but with less sea transport problems.

      BTW, Balkans will stay mostly a neutral area even with the new LOC map.

      Enough talking, here’s the shit (with a very small resolution) 🙂
      LOC Map, Very Low Definition

      1. Wow! That LOC map could double as a US Navy cruise jacket. I tried very hard not to run over any fishing boats in Malacca 1. Spent three long months in OM 2. …. 🙂

      2. Excellent! I already see game 4 and 5 in the series! China v India and North v South Korea.

        I would also argue that Yugoslavia could break down into civil war 7 years earlier than expected, but that’s just my personal interest speaking 😛

        1. Mark, one thing is certain: you never give up! 😀

          I should probably express no opinion on the possibility of Yugoslavia splitting right at the outbreak of WW3, AND the different faction already embroiled in a civil war immediately joining a world war, AND Warsaw Pact committing precious divisions and aircraft in Slovenia while already fighting NATO……but oh well, it looks like Sci-Fi to me 😉

          1. I would agree. Seems to be a very small but vocal minority in the wargaming community clamouring for a modern Balkans game. Whether GMT’s Next War or a WWIII (1985 era) variety of games out there, to include this series. Frankly, it would be a sideshow in the context of the North Sea, Central Europe and the Gulf. Not sure how much interest you could draw from the rest of the wargaming community.


  6. Bosporus and Dardanelles, anyone?

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