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1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes – Part 2

Part 2 of 1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes declassified, in exclusive on BigBoardGaming…..
In this chapter, Anthony Morphet takes the stage!

5 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes – Part 2

  1. Super excited about this! Any ETA on when it will be ready to ship?

  2. John, we’re targeting end of October….much depends by the time needed to ship the US copies to Texas.

    1. How are things looking these days?


      1. Not particularly good 🙁
        Enemy biological attacks and air interdiction are imposing a substantial delay on the equipment preparation and arrival. I’m still waiting for a more detailed SITREP before declaring DEFCON 2.

        1. Roger that.

          (hang in there!)

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