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The Fate of All – Ares is Watching

For several months we’ve kept Thin Red Line Games next project hidden. The only details shared publicly were the operation codename (HADES EMBRACE) and the secrecy level (NATO COSMIC SECRET, an official NATO term no matter how ridiculous it sounds). 

One month ago, some details have been disclosed on my personal blog. Now, the Auguries have determined that it is time to fully reveal the Will of the Gods.

Touch the mosaic below to know more, or enter this room. And don’t forget to send a Votive Tablet to to reserve your place in the Phalanx!

10 thoughts on “The Fate of All – Ares is Watching

  1. I must have a copy! I still have my old spi copy of the Conquerors, will be excited to see this Fate of All once I figure out what a Votive Tablet is and how to sign up.

    1. Steve, in barbaric language it simply means “send an email” 😀

      1. Votive email on the way!

  2. Will this be compatible with Sacred Oil?

    1. Fredrik, the two events are 2300 years apart. Literally. 😀

      1. Yes I know. Maybe I can mod it myself. If I ever get a copy of Sacred Oil…

  3. There is a book that focus on the logistics of Alexander’s campaign that has a lot of insights and analysis of how and why.

    Alexander the great and the logistics of the Macedonian army by Donald W. Engels. University of California Press 1978

    1. Yep, we’re using it as one of the main sources for the logistic part. Incredibly detailed work!

      1. I figured you were on it, just thought I would mention it.

  4. I’m in. Quite a topical shift for you.

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