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Now, The Fate of All Will Be Decided.

Citizens, lend me your ears! The most audacious endeavour of our times has begun, as the armies of the Hellenic League march toward Asia, led by the Hegemon and King of Macedonians, Alexander!

Do not hesitate! Be one of the few who could tell to his grandchildren “I was there, in Babylon, with Alexander!”
Visit the following temple to ask for Ares’ blessing, and take your place in the ranks of the phalanx!

You may also properly prepare yourself, by reading the Tables of Laws.

If your heart is still hesitant, find more about your Fate by consulting the following Oracle:

2 thoughts on “Now, The Fate of All Will Be Decided.

  1. Hi, I just received this wonderful game
    (The Fate of All) and both maps C and D have wrinkles in them. I was wondering if I could get them replaced?


    John Zrimc

    1. I’m sorry for the problem!
      Send a couple of photos to and we’ll arrange a replacement 🙂

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