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1985: Mutual Assured Destruction VASSAL

If your idea of fun is taking strategic and operational decisions in a global conflict that could lead to the destruction of the known civilization, nothing can be worse than 1985: Mutual Assured Destruction.

With operational maps covering from Murmansk to the Persian Gulf, a strategic map covering the whole world, and thousands of units including practically every naval, air and land unit from NATO, Warsaw Pact and other key countries, 1985:MAD VASSAL will give you the chance to forget about work and marriage, and to concentrate on what really matters: The Third World War and its definitive outcome.

Go to the 1985:Mutual Assured Destruction page to obtain your combat equipment.

7 thoughts on “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction VASSAL

  1. Good idea
    I want one mutual destruction game
    How to ?

    1. Hi Jaco,
      1985: Mutual Assured Destruction is only a VASSAL module. The three physical games (1985:Under an Iron Sky, 1985: Deadly Northern Lights, 1985: Sacred Oil) have been already published and are out of stock.
      That said, you can download the vassal module and try it anyway 🙂

      1. Is there any chance to see MAD published in the near future?

        1. It’s one of our planned offensive, but we have to wait the decisions of the Central Committee.

  2. How. about. a. nice. game. of. chess?

  3. Wow absolutely fantastic work. I’ve made a few Vassal modules over the years, but truly nothing as monstrous as this. Huzzah Jim Rainey and TRL Games!

    1. Our Combat Engineer will be happy to hear that 🙂

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