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“1985: Under an Iron Sky” – Production Print

Production print for “1985: Under an Iron Sky” is completed! Here’s some random snapshots, taken with an average quality mobile phone.

In other news: Site is now using SSL, and PayPal / Credit Cards payments have been tested πŸ™‚

Scenario Booklets
Box Art
Rules Booklets x200
Rules Booklet
NATO Airfields Charts
Colour Check Desk
Counter Sheets 1, 2, 7 and 8
Counter Sheets 3, 4 and can’t remember

24 thoughts on ““1985: Under an Iron Sky” – Production Print

  1. How can I reserve a copy of you’re game?

    1. Carl, I’ve added your name and email to the growing “reserved copies” list.
      Thank you for the interest!

  2. Please add my name I would very much like to play this awesome game.

    1. Trevor, added to the list!
      Thank you for the interest!

  3. Please add me to the list as well. Do you have a spot on the website to purchase it?

    1. John, copy reserved!
      The online shop here will open in a couple of weeks, at that point you’ll find the game under the “Shop” menu and you’ll be able to buy it using the usual PayPal / Credit Card channels.

      Thank you for the interest!

      1. Hi, please add me to the list for this. Do you have a price on this?

        1. Hi Bill,
          Reserved copy added! The price should be around 160 euros (approx. 197 US$).

          Thank you for the interest,

  4. Please sign me up for a copy!
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you for the interest Morten…..copy reserved!

  5. HI, Please reserve a copy for me! Thank You!

    1. Alan, copy reserved!
      Thank you πŸ™‚

    2. Thank you for the interest Alan….copy Reserved!

  6. Please reserve me a copy.

    1. Mike,
      Copy reserved….thank you for the interest!

  7. Please reserve a copy of this game for me please!

    1. John, copy Reserved!
      Thank you for the interest,

  8. Interested in reserving a copy

    1. Allen,
      copy nr. 205 reserved!
      When DEFCON 1 will be declared, use the operational procedure at the following link:

      DEFCON 1 Procedure

      Thank you for the interest,

  9. Any chance of a PC version on Steam?

    1. Are you joking, right? πŸ™‚

  10. Sir reporting for duty sir

    Please reserve one copy for me

  11. Lord it looks like I already reserved a copy! I just saw my comment dated 3/05/2018. I definitely want it, but only one copy please!

  12. And now I realize I have been posting to Under An Iron Sky, lol. I meant to post on Deadly Northern Lights!

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