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Production print for 1985: Under an Iron Sky counters has been completed.

HUMINT and SIGINT analysis indicates several divisions of Group of Soviet Forces in Germany are leaving barracks and assembling near the Inner German Border.

Samples of the acquired photographic material follow.



40 thoughts on “DEFCON 2

  1. These look great!
    Can’t wait to get the game.

    1. A few days more Donate….We also have a special broadcast for DEFCON 1 ready.

  2. Please reserve 2 copies for me.

    1. Mattias,
      copies reserved!

      Thank you for the interest,

  3. I am very interested in this beautiful game.

    1. Thank you Chuck!
      Would you like to reserve a copy to be extra-sure to grab one when the online shop will open?

  4. I would love to reserve a copy, if possible. As this looks epicly glorious.

    1. Jason,
      Glorious Copy reserved! Thanks for the interest!

  5. I’d like to reserve a copy of this game please. I didn’t realize that reservations were being accepted…I had been waiting for the announcement.

    1. Yes Michael, it started almost as a joke on BGG and before i realized we had dozens of copies reserved.
      Anyway, your name has been added..thanks for your interest!

  6. Looks Great – Could I get on the reserve list if possible .. :-]

    1. Dave,
      Copy n. 181 reserved, we’re approaching 200!

      Thank you for the interest,

  7. Please take my money, or my promise to buy, or my first born.

    1. Pieter, no need to sacrifice your first born….You’re already in the reserved list, copy nr. 77 🙂

      1. Thanks, She Who Must Be Obeyed, said that the first born was off the altar. I mean offer table.

  8. I would very much like to reserve a copy of this game. Please add me to any reservation listing.

    1. Bob,
      Reserved copy added!
      Thank you for the interest!

  9. Hi – just wanted to make sure I’m in for pre-order…..

    1. Let me guess….Madmat from BGG?
      Yes, you are! Copy nr. 86 🙂

  10. I would like to reserve a copy, too!

    1. David,
      Copy nr. 186 Reserved!
      Thank you!

  11. Can you tell me my reserved number .

    1. Nr. 88 Gordon!

  12. Please reserve a copy for me

    1. Allen, Already reserved…..copy nr. 205!
      Thanks again 🙂

  13. Please reserve me a copy

    1. Neil,
      Copy nr. 211 reserved…..Thanks for your interest!

  14. Hello, please reserve me a copy of the game

    1. Andrew,
      Copy nr. 212 Reserved!
      Thanks for your interest:)

      1. Thank you!

  15. Hello – please reserve me a copy! – John

    1. John,
      Copy nr. 217 reserved….Thank you for the interest!

      1. Thanks!

  16. Uh, how exactly does one go about reserving this game?

    1. Tom,
      Simply pronounce the magic words here and I’ll reserve you a copy…
      Btw, today could be the last chance 😉

  17. I would like to reserve a copy. My best friend and I actually played The Next War back in the 80s and then his parents discarded it while he was deployed as a US submariner. D’oh! This looks like a very worthy spiritual heir.

    1. Thomas,Copy reserved!
      I understand that “discarded” means they dumped it….blasphemy!

      Thank you for your interest and your kind words,
      Fabrizio Vianello
      Thin Red Line Games

  18. Looks FANTASTIC…..please reserve me a copy!!!! Best Regards, Chris. (in Switzerland)

  19. Is this game still for sale? Your checkout billing country doesn’t seem to include the United States. Cheers.

    1. Brian, it is but momentarily not in US and Canada, as the local inventory vaporized almost immediately.
      But I’m going to reopen today after completing an accurate inventory, I’ll post the details here.

      Thank You!

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