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Big Board Gaming unboxing “1985: Under an Iron Sky”!

Kev Sharp from Big Board Gaming published one of his traditional “unboxing” videos centered on 1985…here it is!

12 thoughts on “Big Board Gaming unboxing “1985: Under an Iron Sky”!

  1. Hi, just been trying to order this game, but keep getting errors on PayPal.
    Has the game sold out?



    1. Nope Danny, we still have 150 copies left…
      What kind of error do you have?

      1. its ok now, finally managed to buy a copy after 2 hours of trying to get onto Paypal thru your site.
        Very much looking forward to it arriving now 🙂

  2. I’ve ordered a copy for myself and a friend. Order Number 485 and 534. Do we actually have copies? I’m concerned as I saw that you were only making 400 copies of the game. If I missed getting copies will my money be refunded?


    David Bush

    1. Hello David,
      Don’t worry, your orders have been received and we have both copies for you.

      The order nr. is generated by the system and do not match with copy nr.
      Actually, for some reason the first order had nr 250….maybe a little trick embedded in the code to avoid issuing a not-too-reassuring “Order nr. 1” 🙂

      Best regards,

      1. Fabrizio,
        Thank you for the fast reply. We are very much looking forward to getting our copies and getting this set up on the gaming table!



  3. Thanks – just ordered your game and looking forward to lining up the opposing forces. “Once more into the breach”……

  4. Fabrizio,
    No matter what issues or flaws with the game or in it’s delivery to us, I want to thank you and everyone involved in getting it made. It must not have been easy or smooth going. Good luck with your future products! Now to destroy the Commie hordes once and for all!!


    1. Thank you George!
      Yes it has been definitely a crazy week….Actually I hope you’ll find no flaws in the game or in its delivery 🙂

      Good luck for your campaign against the Communist hordes!

  5. I ordered my copy yesterday, #586. I still have not received an email confirmation of this order. Should I have by now?



    1. Hello Thomas,
      Your order has been received alive and well.
      I should be able to process it tomorrow, and I’ll send you an email as soon as I get a tracking number from our US fulfillment agency.

      Thanks for your interest and for buying!

      1. Thanks, Fabrizio. Just wasn’t sure how soon I should’ve expected to get confirmation. Looking forward to this one very much as well as your future publications.


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