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Inventory and US 2nd Echelon

Hello everyone,
first of all thank you for the unbelievable success. Really. The first hours after shop opening at April, 9 have been surreal 🙂

Now, some info about the latest developments!

SITREP at 20180419 0914 ZT:

  • As most of you already knows, US Inventory vaporized in 7 days
  • We have a strategic reserve of 17 copies in US, to be used only on SHAPE direct order
  • We have 60 copies left at POMCUS sites in Europe, to be used for other orders

New Rules Of Engagement

We’ll have 2 different procedures for acquiring “1985: Under an Iron Sky” combat equipment:

1. Reserved Copy Owners from US / Canada

Contact me directly at

2. All other combat units

Proceed to order normally from our Shop.
US / Canada orders will be shipped from Europe (Sorry for the extra costs!)

8 thoughts on “Inventory and US 2nd Echelon

  1. Just ordered my copy of the game yesterday. Very excited to receive it! I have a question about possible future expansions. I saw on one thread that you are planning a Norway/Sweden expansion. And I also read about how you determined what US reinforcements would be practical to include in the base game. Will future expansions consider the possibility of a more drawn out conflict? With the possibility of further NATO (US, Spain, Portugal) and Soviet units arriving? Another possibility would be a Southern Front expansion with Greek and Turkish forces squaring off against Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian forces. Excited to see what happens next!

  2. Hi meluft and thanks for buying!
    The only future expansion we already clearly defined is “1985: Deadly Northern Lights”, covering Sweden and Norway.
    Another interesting idea suggested on consimworld forums is to expand not only the theather width, but also its depth by including Poland and Baltic states.
    Too early for details, also considering that our next game is not an expansion for “1985”….more on this in a few weeks, I hope!

  3. Thanks for the reply! I am looking forward to expanding this game already. I am a big fan of this period of time. I own all of modules of The Third World War and while good, they don’t have the level of detail that I was looking for. Had been working on hunting down a copy of The Next War when this popped up on my radar! I am hoping you continue to expand beyond the Norway/Sweden module (which I am very much looking forward too). Any details of the ideas you have for that expansion? Will there be additional NATO reinforcements? 101st Airborne? 10th Mountain from the US perhaps? UK Brigades? Also looking forward to additional Soviet Airborne and Marines!

  4. Just got a chance to unwrap and look at my game today. It is all looks beautiful! However my scenario booklet has a tear at the top of page 3. Properly done when you were binding the booklets. Can I get a replacement?

    1. Sorry for that Stephen….please, send me a photo of the damaged component.

  5. What email address should I send it to?

  6. Fabrizio,

    Sent e-mail with pictures this afternoon.

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