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1985: Mutual Assured Destruction

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction booklets allow to combine 1985: Under an Iron Sky and 1985: Deadly Northern Lights into a single, die-hard, collateral damage inducing campaign codenamed “To Shatter The Old World”.

Use at your own risk.

1985:MAD Additional Counters

9 thoughts on “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction

  1. Madness. . .
    . . . but the best kind.

  2. Very nice, I wish I hadn’t missed out on getting the games!

  3. Will these be included in a future printing of the game? These look great, as usual.

    1. Chris, they will be included in the future “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction” complete edition

  4. Hmmm need a copy of UAIS… missed first two times dooh! And now I have Northern lights.

    MAD – assume this is both games in one pack. Will there be a few spares of each game for poor people like me…😙😙

    1. Three games, but it’s a looong way to come and not sure yet.

  5. Is there a VASSAL module for this at all ?


    1. Peter, not yet…..I think that our embedded Combat Engineer is working on that 🙂

      1. No worries Fabrio. Am looking forward to playing the combined campaign on VASSAL as I don’t have the room to set all the maps up.

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