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Whiskey Charlie Chat on TRLGames

This Tuesday we’ll have a chat about games and Cold War on Whiskey Charlie Channel – with Maurice Fitzgerald (Moe’s Table), Kev Sharp (BigBoardGaming), Anthony Morphet and Fabrizio Vianello (TRLGames)…don’t go AWOL!!

7 thoughts on “Whiskey Charlie Chat on TRLGames

  1. An extremely interesting session, from an extremely interesting crew! Thanks to all for your insights, and the way you’ve tried to make things realistic.

    1. Thanks Nicholas!!

  2. Really enjoyed, great discussion Fabrizio and enjoyed listening to Tony also. Very good show and great channel. I’m in no doubt those guys respective channels and content has brought many sales. I am one of those stats. So on more serious topics, what’s your vape flavour of choice?

    1. For me it’s a Classic Virginia, the strongest I’m able to find 😀

  3. I enjoyed it as well. Always a pleasure to put faces and voices to the names I see online. I had no idea Tony’s career in the British Army was that long and distinguished. Don’t think I’d want to take the Pact against him in Dogs of War!

  4. JIm,

    thank you for the kind comments but you have never seen me throw dice.


    1. I feel your pain. A much more modest stint in the US Navy did nothing for my ability to command cardboard vessels or fleets. 🙂

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