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1985: Sacred Oil SITREP Live

1985: Sacred Oil SITREP, tomorrow on Whiskey Charlie, 1330 CST (2030 CET)!
We’ll discuss the most gruesome details of the upcoming operation. Bring your own frags and MOPP suit.

14 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil SITREP Live

  1. As a retired Chemical thug, the words “MOPP4” bring tears to my eyes.

    1. 😀

  2. Considering the global Sea Lines of Communication now in Sacred oil, you really need to make the fourth game Fabrizio. The Phophorous Bosphorus. It’s no longer about a Warsaw pact making the push in the Balkans with any chance of success, it’s all about protecting lines of communications and getting stuff where it needs to be. The Black Sea fleet, Mediterranean Flotilla and the Soviets unreliable allies may very well disturb, delay or divert them, at least for a while. Also I want to see the Garibaldi rushed into action. Now you have to make it. Please reserve a copy of it for me.

    1. 😀
      You sound very very convincing!

      1. Let me second that. It would be interesting to see a strike for the Bosphorus as an alternative or in addition to the Middle Eastern thrust even if you think that they could not have mounted all three operations. Other analysts thought they could mount all three, but mostly I would like to contest this theater as well.

  3. Or maybe a small expansion where US / Nato National Guard/Reserve forces make it to battle it out with Soviet / warpac Cat II/III Divisions? Maybe the war lasts long enough for those forces to tip the balance…

    1. Practically every brigade and division that could plausibly have been mobilized is already available: US and NATO reserves, Soviet Cat II, Soviet Cat III and also some Soviet Mobilization divisions.
      The only exceptions are US National Guard round-out brigades, that during Desert Storm were not considered combat ready before D+100.

      1. I can understand the logic of expecting combat operations to be wrapped up before D 100. Munitions expenditures alone would probably dictate that. Would be interesting to read more about your extensive research. The Third World War by GDW had 4 USNG divisions (35th and 40th mech and 49th and 50th armored) as part of their counter mix but maybe that was wildly optimistic.

        1. Well, the Designers’ Notes of every module have a lot of information about the research and the decisions taken, plus an incomplete bibliography. If you wish to take a look, search “Designer” here 🙂

          1. The national guard would have shown up ready or not as soon as shipping was available.

          2. That’s not what happened during the first gulf war. They were not considered combat ready to engage the Iraqis, I doubt they would have been considered ready sooner for the Soviets.

          3. I’ve read through the designers notes and I better understand your assertion. In the scenario you’ve proposed for the game it makes sense that combat would start with strategic surprise and thus d+100 is too remote a possibility. I guess for my idea to work you’d have to change the scenario completely and have war start after tensions built up slowly allowing for more time and training for USNG and mobilization only divisions to make any impact. I still think it would be an interesting addition! But that’s because I love the game and the premise and am greedy for more! 🙂

  4. Is it time to send money yet is it, is it?!

    1. Nope, we are still at DEFCON 3

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