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1985: Sacred Oil DEFCON 2

17 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil DEFCON 2

  1. I look anxious

  2. DEFCON 3 by Christmas…🙏🙏🙏

    1. You mean DEFCON 1….not a step back!

  3. Just another drill, I’m sure. I’m stayin’ in my rack. Wait- why is the tornado siren on? We don’t get tornados here.

  4. Due back from holiday in Fuerteventura on Sat 18th. Hope final orders to commence hostilities in the Persian Gulf are on hold until after then. My telegram to the new General Secretary has hopefully been received with understanding.

  5. Yes sir, I fat fingered that one, sir!


  6. Sounds like a birthday present to me. (My birthday is January 1st.)

  7. New Mexico is ready to roll

  8. I’ll be out of town from the 20th to the 29th, but I’ll try to keep one eye on this site. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours after DEFCON 1 is declared, I hope you’ll save me a copy until I am back in action. Thanks!

    1. Copy that!

  9. Just take my money!

  10. I am declaring state SCARLET. Executing COUNTER-SURPRISE!

  11. Waiting the green light to execute “CodeBlack” measures.

  12. Lucky me I stumbled on this series in time for the next release. Hoping I can reserve a copy soon!

  13. It’s been a week… was DEFCON 1 announced yet?

    1. Nope Steve, not yet….Biological warfare is hampering movement. Eager to go to war? 😉

  14. Game is here on the ground in Dallas, Texas. Fantastic!

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