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1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes – Part 3

Third and last part of 1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes, by Lionel Martinez! Learn the ropes before entering the war zone.
In exclusive on Big Board Gaming!

17 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil Designers’ Notes – Part 3

  1. LOL. I just finished watching The Thin Red Line (1999). Wow!

    1. I love that movie. Top notch. 🙂

  2. IMO, Kevin and Moe do a fine job of basic shilling for free games, but I’d really like to see more good content like Mark Joergensen’s naval video. The guy at The Tabletop’s Edge is fabulous too. Send him a copy and we might all see some great tutorials and play throughs.

    1. I have plans to get the rest done. Sometime before, or before I get my copy of Sacred Oi.

  3. Did emails go out for reserved copies? I didn’t receive it yet. If not, what day exactly will emails be sent?

    1. From my mouth to God’s ear. Check your email. It’s on now.

  4. How long is the period for placing orders for reserved copies? Got my email around noon, but I’m in the middle of beginning-of-month bill-shuffling right now.

  5. Got the EXORD today. Thanks so much to you and your team Fabrizio. May all of you have a great New Year!

  6. Didnt receive my email

    1. Hi Scott, try checking now (in spam folder too)

  7. Hi, I didn’t get to reserve a copy of Sacred Oil due to a hospital vacation!!
    Does anyone know if the game will go live for sale to the rest of us at some point?

    Happy new year to everyone.

    1. Hi Mark,
      DEFCON 1 will be publicly declared shortly….stand by.

      1. Assume 1200 Eastern tomorrow (new years) for public sales iff the 48 hours holds true.

  8. If there is a Discord setup for vassal or email pay, welcome a link.

    1. “vassal or email PLAY” not pay.

  9. Thanks very much for the update.

  10. Thank you for the prompt reply.
    Game is ordered 🙂

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