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1985: Sacred Oil – DEFCON 1



  1. At 19850628 0500 ZT Soviet troops crossed the USSR – Iran border
  2. At 19850628 0611 ZT, CV-63 BG attacked by SS-N-12 Sandbox vampires presumed launch by Soviet Echo II class Panther.
  3. CJCS declared DEFCON 1 at 19850628 0732 ZT.


  1. Connect to 1985:Sacred Oil equipment page
  2. Acquire the combat equipment


  1. Additional SITREP at this link. Ensure your comm equipment audio is ON.

7 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil – DEFCON 1

  1. BlackCellCom to CentCom

    Assets in place.

    When can we expect Combat Equipment to be sent. Highest priority level. Enemy at the gates.

    Going full dark.


    1. US assets should move quickly, European assets will be slower due to regional logistic constraint.


  2. Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. (With apologies to The Beatles.)

  3. Dear Fabrizio, orders received for immediate execution.
    Greetings and happy new year from Paris !
    Incredible you made it for the end of the year.
    Great job, that’s really impressing.
    “The games we always wanted to play back in the good old days”…
    Thank you for everything.
    The best for the coming year.
    Sincere Regards.

    1. Thank you Franck! It was a damn near run thing for sure.
      My best wishes for a victorious 2022!

  4. Had all the games laid out last night. One thing I am not clear on . . . is the combined To Shatter the Old World supposed to be in the Sacred Oil box? Is that still under development? Is that something different than MAD for UaIS and NL?

    Thanks and congrats on the SO milestone!

    1. Hi Ty, I’m updating the combined campaign rules (1985: Mutual Assured Destruction) as we speak. They will be available here, hopefully in a couple of weeks 🙂

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