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1. At 20220106 2024 ZT US-Led Coalition and Soviet Union announced that an agreement for an immediate ceasefire has been reached.

2. Hostile actions against Soviet forces must cease immediately, except when needed to respond an attack or to stop attempts by Soviet forces to further advance in the territory of Iran or any other friendly nation in the Southwest Asia region.

3. 1985: Sacred Oil is officially OUT OF STOCK.

4. Orders already received are safely stored in an atomic proof bunker and are guaranteed to survive.

5. Reserved copy owners that went AWOL during the seven days period of hostilities are granted a 15 days safe conduct. Report for duty at when ready to acquire the war equipment.

6. With a life span of only seven days, 1985: Sacred Oil established a new record. A big thank you to all the troops who made this possible! The next goal will be a conflict shorter than the six-days war.

26 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil – CEASEFIRE DECLARED

  1. And now…how about a reprint of Under an Iron Sky?

    1. AGAIN? 😉

      1. Dogs of War then, though I might be interested in saving up for that deluxe version with all 3 of the 1985 modules 🙃

    2. I signed up for the reserve list for DNL. I would sign up for UIS in a heartbeat.

      1. Me too.

      2. Same here!!!!

    3. That would be awsome

  2. When will it ship?

    1. It’s already shipping….just be patient 🙂

  3. That was fast!

  4. Hi I would like to see if there is any chance to get a copy of this.

    1. Hi Brian, we have a small strategic reserve kept aside for reserved copy owner arriving late….in a couple of weeks, it will be released and the fastest guns win 🙂

  5. I was would like to see a reprint of 1985: Deadly Northern Lights as well as The Dogs of War.
    You’ve established your company in the wargaming world and should be able to sell through them again.

    1. John, a second echelon for 1985: Deadly Northern Lights is already scheduled. See the “Mobilization Plan” fact sheet.

  6. A conflict shorter than the Six Day War? Sweet.

    1. I see they are planning an exclusive campaign featuring an invasion of Denmark for Pact forces. Interesting.

  7. So I just find out about it today and it’s already out of stock. Perfect. 😂

    Ah well. Hopefully there’s a reprint down the line.

  8. In the past, you have sometimes allowed Noble Knight Games or other distributors in the US to sell your games. Any chance of that happening with ‘Sacred Oil’?

    Thank you–for your reply, and especially for the outstanding games.

    1. Hi Russ, I was going to write Noble Knight Games as this time I will not be able to keep my promises of delivering 20 copies…..The first assault wave has been, well, unstoppable and the whole US stock practically vaporized instantly, 100Kt nuke style.
      Sorry for that!

  9. And it arrived… to finally realize there is no way I can play the campaign scenario. The size and shape of the whole maps just doesn’t fit in my playing area no matter the “gymnastics” I tried. It’s the Whore of Babylon (and bellow) for me then, and then try to figure a way to do the campaign somehow.

    In any case it will be intense.

    1. The VASSAL module is inbound 🙂

  10. Wow Fabrizio truly outstanding work! My thanks to you and your team … a fabulous production. Obviously it arrived today and I’m giddy with anticipation to play it.

    1. Thanks Mike! It has been a demanding project, but the reactions made it worth the effort.
      Now, High Command requested your unit to take control of Bandar Abbas within the next 96 hours. Obviously, failure is not an option.

      1. Now…for that Under an Iron Sky reprint!

        1. Taking a break from pushing south to the gulf just to chime in to say yes please! 😁

        2. Taking a break from pushing south to the gulf just to chime in to say yes please! 😁

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