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1985: Sacred Oil – And It Became Blood

CENTCOM Commander Kev Sharp reporting from the Horn of Africa. As usual with Kev, top-notch narrative.

Part 1:
Part 2:


With the Soviet tanks rolling over the Iranian border on June 28th, it was only a question of time before United States and Soviet Union became directly involved in a military confrontation.

On June 30th, an F-14 Combat Air Patrol from USS Constellation engages a Soviet strike package approaching Bandar Abbas, and all hell breaks loose.
USS CV-63 Kitty Hawk and its battlegroup are ordered to neutralize the Soviet bases in Ethiopia and South Yemen and support the subsequent land assault to the Soviet facilities by special forces based in Diego Garcia.

With no lines of communication to the Motherland and scarce supply, the Soviet forces in Aden and Asmara can only hope for the surprise effect of a first strike. An auxiliary intelligence ship and three nuclear submarines have been shadowing the Kitty Hawk battlegroup for days, ready to make the Americans pay dearly for any aggressive move.

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  1. I thought I was signed up for Sacred Oil. Please advise.

    Ron Snow

    1. Hi Ron,
      yes you were and you should have received a CENTCOM communication from (check your spam folder too).
      Anyway, it doesn’t matter: reserved copies are kept aside for a few days, so send an email to to confirm your shipping info and I will enter an order manually 🙂

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