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Charles S. Roberts Awards 2021

For the third consecutive year, we have a nominee in the Modern Warfare category of the CSR Awards….Except this year we have two!
1985: Sacred Oil and The Dogs of War have been both nominated.

A big THANK YOU to every Grognard who supported us! Report to the nearest office of the Directorate for the Evaluation and Assignment of Patriotic Honors and Decorations to receive your Order of Kutuzov, 1st Class.

7 thoughts on “Charles S. Roberts Awards 2021

  1. Wonderful news!

  2. Congrats! Well earned recognition!

  3. We must redesignate TRL Games to Guards Red Line Games!

    1. 😀

  4. Congratulations and very well deserved.

  5. Good luck

  6. Awesome. Nice to see hard work pay off.

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