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Charles S. Roberts Awards 2022

Once again, we have a Charles S. Roberts Award Nominee!

Die Festung Hamburg has been nominated in the Best Hypothetical Wargame category, thus joining its brothers in arms in the C3 Series: Less Than 60 Miles (2019 Nominee) and The Dogs of War (2021 Nominee).

A big thank you to the C3 community, who made the series more and more visible and acknowledged, and to the CSR Board of Governors for the honour.

And if you want to taste the bitterness of modern operational warfare, a few copies of Less Than 60 Miles – 2nd Echelon are still available!

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Charles S. Roberts Awards 2021

For the third consecutive year, we have a nominee in the Modern Warfare category of the CSR Awards….Except this year we have two!
1985: Sacred Oil and The Dogs of War have been both nominated.

A big THANK YOU to every Grognard who supported us! Report to the nearest office of the Directorate for the Evaluation and Assignment of Patriotic Honors and Decorations to receive your Order of Kutuzov, 1st Class.

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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – CSR Awards Nominee!

1985: Deadly Northern Lights joins its smaller brother Less Than 60 Miles as a Charles S. Roberts Awards Nominee, in the Modern and Hypothetical Wargame category!

1985: DNL didn’t win, but considering our small print runs the nomination is a big achievement and we are really proud of it.

A big THANK YOU to the Grognards who voted for our monster!