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Die Festung Hamburg – France POMCUS Committed!

As usual, we were keeping a small strategic reserve in Europe earmarked for emergencies and counterattacks.…..Tonight, SACEUR ordered to commit a significant part of it to the front.

Please be aware that:

  1. The equipment will be airlifted from France. Deployment to non-European fronts can be expensive (40+ Euros)
  2. France POMCUS is out of Field Manuals (the 8-pages examples booklet). The original booklet is downloadable here, and to make up for its absence each box will contain one extra 98×75 cm map of NORTHAG Sector 1, useful for planning / reserve / War Room poster.

SITREP UPDATE 20230130 1531ZT: Fighting definitively stopped on the whole front. There’s no survivors.

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