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The Dogs of War – DEFCON 1

DEFCON 1 has been declared by SACEUR at 20210112 1951ZT. Proceed to acquire your combat equipment at the following link:
The Dogs of War Product Page

A video coverage of the latest developments can be found here-below. Turn ON the audio of your communication equipment.

11 thoughts on “The Dogs of War – DEFCON 1

  1. T 80s vs Chieftains, not a fair fight:)

  2. If there are no leopard IIs go straight to nukes!! 360 T-72s and T-80s per square mile and you are going to fight that with chieftains, I think not! Good day, good night, goodbye… can’t wait to play!

    1. This game would simply interrupt my DNL game, so no, cant buy this one. When i finish, sacred oil should be out….

      1. Joe, you can always buy and put it on the shelf until…… you know you want to

        1. Tony,

          Haha, you are right. But i probably have tired fabrizio out with my questions on consim, so i need to give him a break!


          1. Ah Joe,

            You misunderstand the nature of Fabrizio he is like a finely-tuned thoroughbred racehorse or a pedigree dog. He needs continuous exercise and thrives on questions. – He’ll kill me for this…….:)

          2. AHAHAHAH not even Barbara calls me a pedigree dog!

          3. Joe, you are for sure one of the top rule scrutineers I know 😀

        2. Anthony,

          HAHA, when you said that Fabrizio was like a pedigree dog, I was reading that with my killer Pomeranian dog next to me. All 7 pounds of that fluff ball! So i had to laugh at that.


          As to rule scrutinizer, yea, a bit crazy, right?But it’s nice to get feedback from the designer, greatly appreciate that. Beats getting dead air when a rules question comes up and trying to figure out what the heck the designer was thinking.


  3. Joe, its worth purchasing just here the wife complain:)

    1. Scott,

      My wife only complains when I play, not when I buy!


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