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The Dogs of War – European POMCUS Committed

As already happened last year, we were keeping a small The Dogs of War strategic reserve in Europe, earmarked for future conventions…..Needless to say, no convention is in sight, so part of the reserve is now committed to the front!

Also, please be aware that this equipment is shipped from Europe. CONUS and Canada should expect higher than usual shipping costs due to Soviet activity in North Atlantic.

SITREP 20210323 0734ZT: A Sukhoi-24 strike destroyed the depot. No more reserve equipment is available.

13 thoughts on “The Dogs of War – European POMCUS Committed

  1. Can’t seem to order even though it shows 13 in stock

    1. St, a refresh problem? They are all gone by now….sorry!

  2. Fabrizio,

    I haven’t been following this particular series as much as the DNL and UAIS, but what is the next game following the Dogs of War – is there a planned third game? I think I would be interested in trying out this game series again.


    1. The third module in the C3 series will be Festung Hamburg. Here’s the plan:

      C3 Series - Release Plan

      1. Fabrizio,

        Thanks. After playing DNL a lot, i have developed a desire to play this series, also. I like the complexity level of your games. When do you think festung hamburg comes out? I would like to get on that list also. I feel dumb for blowing my chance at dogs of war, after hearing that the stacking issues with LT60 was solved.

        If you find any under the couch, let me know!


        1. Thanks Joe!
          “Festung Hamburg” should be out in 2022….we’ll start developing it after the release of 1985:Sacred Oil.

  3. Fabrizio,

    Sacred oil coming out this year?!! Great!


    1. Yep! 🙂

  4. What’s the chance of LT60 miles being reprinted

    1. Hi Paul,
      we’ll probably have a reprint in 2022, using the slightly changed OOB and the new counters with the “default” posture on the back.

      1. Sounds great, sign me up for that 2nd edition of LT60M


      2. reserve me a copy please

        1. I’ve added both to the Order of Battle for LT60M Second Echelon!
          No codename has been assigned to the operation yet, all the enlisted personnel will receive it as soon as it has been approved.

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