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Die Festung Hamburg – DEFCON 2

42 thoughts on “Die Festung Hamburg – DEFCON 2

  1. Are we just days away from release?

    1. We can only postulate about enemy intentions 🙂

    2. The balloon has gone up! Order placed 🙂

  2. Count me in on this one please!

    Best regards

  3. Hi Fabrizio!!! I’m amazed and happy that “operations” are moving along so quickly for DFH. As a quick double check, you are still tracking that I reserved two copies of DFH, correct?

  4. Is it getting close to receiving the record so I can spend some serious coinage?

  5. I meant EXORD (autocorrect)

  6. noice!

  7. Yes!

  8. When I was stationed in Germany in the 1970s, the S2 shop had a bottle of beer in a wooden case with a glass front and a red trolley hammer hanging from it. The instructions were: Break glass and drink if DEFCON 1 is ever declared.”

    Thinking I need to buy some more beer.

    1. I am new to this process. Are we indeed close to ordering and making a purchase? I guess since I received an email I’ll get one that will guide me to where to order and pay?

      1. Hi Richard,
        yes we are now very close. Reserved copy owner will receive a DEFCON 1 email with the instructions to order and purchase the combat equipment 🙂

      2. Affirmative, Colonel!

    2. That’s a nice story I’d like to use in the future 🙂

  9. save me one, save me one!!

  10. Looking to confirm my reservation!

  11. oh here we go, I can’t wait!

  12. Righto Corporal, put the tea makings away. Mount up, enemy sighted. OK chaps, Tally Ho!

  13. I think I ordered it. If it’s not safe, I’ll take one

  14. I’ve been looking forward to this! Refreshing my email every day to see when the “please pay for your preorder” message comes in.

    Sally forth! See you all soon 😀

  15. Leaves cancelled for all 4CMBG and 1CAD personnel. Warning orders for CAST, AMF(L), and related formations. On y va!

  16. Count me in.

    1. Colonel,
      I’m afraid that due to the high number of volunteers all the transport planes are at full capacity by now.
      Also, please note that requests made here at the bar after the fourth pint are not considered. Volunteers must report for duty by writing to 🙂

  17. Sir General Sir,

    Await confirmation that I’m included in the Green team and awaiting orders to go on DefCom1.

    1. Affirmative, Colonel!

  18. If you got an email notifying you of DEFCON 2 then you will get an email when DEFCON 1 is reached.

    1. Not sure about this. Did not get a DEFCON 2 Mail but have a Mail from way – down that I am registered for this game.

      So is your reply ‘official’ or just your opinion?

      Just asking

      1. The DEFCON 2 email several people received is automatically sent to site subscribers when a new post is published, and it’s a different thing from the DEFCON 1 EXORD communication that will be received by reserved copy owners.

  19. Really looking forward to this.

  20. Merry Christmas indeed!

  21. Whatever you do don’t mention the war… in 3… 2….1…

  22. Upon receipt of NORTHAG EXORD 103-85 EMERGENCY PRIORITY message, I immediately issued the requisite order to activate the two units I had prepositional. The order has been confirmed.
    Good luck to all my fellow comrades-in-arms in this endeavor. May we be victorious in this great conflict.

    1. Correction, should’ve read “prepositioned”.

  23. Upon a brief examination of chatter on intercepted comms we can conclude that the General Rules of Engagement seem to have changed since the last conflict, at least in terms of overall size (from 28 pages to 24). Has Commission GreenDeltaFive deemed that a revision of procedures was in order or is this just a re-organixzation (Edit) of the standard procedures?

    1. Mostly a reorganisation of procedures, with a couple of significant addition (see Accompanying Artillery)

      1. Any chance to have it available in the download section (to start “indoctrinating” the troops for the war to come)?

        1. Doh, I was sure it was already there….Link added in the Die Festung Hamburg page!

          1. Orders received. Will start drilling exercises on the double. Roger and out.

  24. Blue Command requests data intel regarding the beginning of the logistics phase. Is there an ETA for the shipping of the Assets to the frontline?

  25. Yes, count me in on this.


  26. I thought I had signed up for notices for this, but I didn’t see any. Can I still order a copy? When I hit the order button it wants a password.

  27. Can I still order a copy? I missed the announcement.

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