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C3 Module #4 – In a Dark Wood

The fourth module of the C3 series, titled In a Dark Wood and codenamed OPERATION APEX PREDATOR, has now entered its planning phase.

Find more details at this link! Volunteers should report for duty by writing to

15 thoughts on “C3 Module #4 – In a Dark Wood

  1. I’m waiting👍

  2. Very much looking forward to this release- rumours of French II Corps? I wonder where 4CMBG will appear in this series.

    1. French II Corps will be in, still thinking / researching about the Canadians 🙂

      1. Hi Fabrizio

        Email sent – thanks for the reply. A book you might consider having a look at is First Clash by Kenneth Macksey re: the Canuks.


        1. I just picked a very nice copy of that book only a few months ago. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Signed Up! Very much looking forward to this release too

  4. Please note that reporting from duty with a comment here is not considered as a valid application!
    As noted above, the only valid way to volunteer is by reporting to 🙂

    1. Hi Fabrizio, Can you please put my brother, Dana Larrivee, on your reserve list for In a Dark Wood Operation Apex Predator.

      Thanks so much!!!

  5. Hi Fabrizio!
    Hope all Is good at the FOB, reporting for active duty (e-mail sent). On standby.
    RedOneAlpha out

  6. One step forward done !
    Cannot wait for this beautiful map.
    Kind Regards

  7. What a place for a good fight…

    I had the chance to see in France the german art of armor maneuver long ago…

    Regulating circulation with surprised french drivers arguing to let them pass… I replied : wait and see what is coming…

    German armor columns preceded by engineers rolling over at 70 kph through cities…

    German armor are not known to stop for amicable observation when crashing civilian cars.

    Great to see the adventure continue !!!

    Hauts les coeurs guys !

  8. I Love the Art Box is great!

  9. Sign me up for a copy……please…

    1. Rick, report for duty by sending an email to 🙂

  10. The US and USSR remained nose to nose for 40 years; the Soviets relying on numbers and brute force with the US relying on technology and finesse. As I remember it the Air Cavalry regiments were tasks with slowing the Soviet advance until reinforcements could arrive from the Nato nations and the US. The A.C.R.’s were to be sacrificed. In 1972-74 I was stationed at a tactical nuclear warhead depot only a few clicks from the Chzech border; we knew that Russian “spatznatz” elements would be tasked to wiping us out within the first 10 minutes of the war if it were to occur. In fact, attacks on sites such as the one at which I was stationed would likely by the first shots fired. So this is personal for me and I can’t wait to collect all the European maps

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